Consider yourself warned, bloggers

This started out as a comment on a Michael Hyatt blog post on the use of social media for marketing vs relationship building. Michael responded to my comment saying,

Wow. That a blog post in itself—and a great warning to all us who are tempted to “go pro.”

So, consider yourselves warned, everyone. (Now, that would have worked way better if I actually had a lot of subscribers…)

His post made me think of how many bloggers that become popular behave. At first, they write good high-quality material, the kind of material that people want to read, and they get a lot of subscribers. As they become famous, they start doing talking engagements, they write books, they quit their jobs and starts making a livings as bloggers. And before you know it, most of what they post are “spam” such as info about their upcoming talk, book or business deal. And the posts which made me interested in the first place become rarer.

Now, that is only logical. They wrote about the subject in the first place because they were interested and worked with it everyday. When their life situation changes, and they become pro-bloggers, naturally their interests and day-to-day activities change as well (to some degree, at least). So they still write about what they are interested in and work with everyday. Same, same, but different.

Another commenter mentioned that he only followed people on Twitter with a moderate amount of followers and not the ones with millions, because the latter typically just sent broadcast-style marketing messages. Maybe that’s an expression of the same thing?