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Twelve-year-old blog posts 🕰️

A mantle clock with old articles next to it.

Inspired by fellow blogger Lars-Christian, I decided to import posts from an old blog of mine.1

The posts are mostly from 2012 and deal with software design and testing. While my thinking has obviously evolved during these years, I think they are pretty good. Feel free to scroll through. 😊

Software design #

A series of posts that discussed how to separate logical complexity from dependencies in order to improve the design and make it more maintainable. These were early attempts to express the ideas that ultimately became functional foundations.

And a few other posts covering various topics related to software design.

Unit testing #

The other large topic was how to write good (unit) tests.

Some were more practically focused.

Others were a bit more theoretical.

  1. The blog was available at the domain where Socosomi was the name of a company I intended to start but never did. Instead it mostly worked as a outlet for creativity. The name was derived from the phrase “sound code, sound mind”. ↩︎