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About me

Hello, I’m Henrik Jernevad. #

I live with my wife and two kids in Varberg, Sweden.

This is my personal web site where i blog about things I find interesting.

Apart from software development, my interests include personal development, minimalism, Stoicism, and strength training.

Feel free to contact me or learn what I am currently up to.

Software development #

I started programming as a kid and never stopped.

A picture of Henrik Jernevad

Interested in everything related to software development, from programming and testing to management and business analysis.

I believe we should deliver value quickly by solving the problems we have today. We should fight complexity by choosing technology which is easy to understand and use. Leave generalization for when it is truly needed.

From college-student-turned-startup-CTO to software architect at both large and small companies, I have a wide range of experience. I hold an MSc degree in Computer Science after studies in Sweden and the USA, and am a Certified IT Architect.

Areas of expertise #

Because of a love for learning and sharing, I have been called “knowledge addict”.
I have a good general technical knowledge as well as expertise within a number of fields.

  • Software architecture and design, design patterns and refactoring.
  • Backend development in Kotlin, Java, Scala, Node, and more.
  • Infrastructure from AWS and Azure to Docker and PostgreSQL.
  • Web development in TypeScript, React, HTML, CSS, and other.
  • Agile and lean development processes, such as Scrum and Kanban.

Want a full resume? Take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Henrik Jernevad
Henrik Jernevad
Software architect & developer