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This is my now page where I give semi-regular updates on what is going on in my life.

I currently spend time on:

  • We got a dog! 🐶 A miniature american shepard to be exact. His name is Ralf and he is adorable.
  • Planning to build a tool shed, an outdoor table with benches, and more. The miter saw will have to work!
  • Continuing my weekly posting routine on this blog. I have lots of ideas queued up, so I wonder if I’m too restrictive or if it is a good pace that I can maintain long term.
  • Designing a new simplicity-focused build system for JVM-based projects. Mostly for fun – will likely never be finished. The fun part is finding the right abstractions. 🤓
  • Looking to build a Kotlin code formatter based on the new Kotlin 2.0 compiler’s Frontend IR.
  • Learning JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.
  • Trying to read books, but generally fail due to lack of time.

Other than that, I somewhat permanently:

  • Live in Varberg with a wife and two kids, trying to juggle the everyday life planning.
  • Work at Predicare as senior software developer, developing a medical emergency triage system. (Triage basically means “what patient needs to see the doctor first?”)