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I added tags #️⃣

A hashtag being added.

All blog posts on this blog are now marked with one or more tags.

It is an attempt to make the blog more browsable. Not only can you click a tag to see other posts with the same tag, each post also features a “Related reading” (example) section at the bottom which links to other posts with the same tag(s).

At the time of posting, the tags are:

  • #softwaredesign: Focuses on principles and practices for creating well-structured and maintainable software. Topics include design patterns, testable designs, strong typing, functional concepts and more.
  • #testing: Focuses on the importance testing, discussing both the rationale behind testing, its effects on software design, and various tips and tricks.
  • #principles: Explores ideas that guide effective decision-making both in in software development as well as in life.
  • #personal: Reflections and personal stories, dealing with topics such as blogging, personal growth, and just stuff about me.
  • #planning: Addresses strategic considerations in project management and system design, focusing on prioritization, risk management, and the long-term impacts of decisions.
  • #meta: Things about this blog itself, my blogging process, or the way which I build the site.
  • #ai: Discusses the potential uses and limitations of AI in conceptual and practical applications.

Feel free to click one or more of the tags to see the corresponding blogs posts.

Updates #

  • 2024-05-01: Original post published.
  • 2024-05-18: Added the #meta tag.